Reviews – Promote Your Business or Cause using Social Media

Reviews – Promote Your Business or Cause using Social Media

Here’s what others have been saying about Promote Your Business or Cause using Social Media.


5 Stars – Indispensable, June 21, 2010

This book has been my most valuable tool in starting my own business. This book showed me step by step in an easy to understand format how to use different tools that I am already using to promote and grow my business. It has been an easy and incredibly effective way for me to expand my business as well as my understanding of the value of online social media sites. This inexpensive little handbook has me well on my way to earning much more than I imagined. It has been my least expensive, yet most valuable asset. I highly recommend it.

– Stephanie Greenhill

4 Stars – The best starting-point for marketing your business/cause, June 21, 2010

Promote your Business or Cause using Social Media by Dennis J. Smith is an approachable handbook invaluable to launching you and your cause or business. If you are just beginning to market your business and don’t know how to start, get this handbook and get going–it’s step by step style and conversational tone is easy to read and well organized without overwhelming you.

This handbook is the required first step in setting up a blog, a facebook account, a twitter account, and many other social media strategies to promote your cause/business. Smith’s handbook also includes the names of books for further reading, for when you’re ready to really dig down and expand your marketing.

My university colleagues and I are about to promote an organization with a tie-in day of celebration, and we need to reach out to people with similar interests. With Smith’s book we are already planning a multi-level marketing strategy using so many diverse–but easy–social media tools that people Already Use in their daily lives. We didn’t understand the scope of our marketing potential before this book. Great book!

– Barry Devine

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