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That Retired Lady

That Retired Lady

I hired Dennis J. Smith to set up my Word Press website and blog for me. I had been wasting way too  much time trying to understand it and getting nowhere. I did some research and found that Dennis is highly rated and has a great reputation, so I was comfortable with my decision to hire him. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Word Press and many of the themes. In addition, he is experienced and good at explaining social marketing, SEO, landing pages – – just about all aspects of internet marketing.

Right off the bat Dennis was so helpful. He offered terrific ideas and advice in addition to designing and putting up my blog.  His price was reasonable for all that he did and continues to do to help me. Twice he met with me in person to go over the site and answer my questions. He was never in a big rush – always willing to stay for however long it took to get questions answered and issues solved.

I highly recommend Dennis J. Smith and his business, Influence Social Marketing, for anyone who is struggling to create a good professional website or blog. In fact my advice is – don’t struggle with it at all! Hire him right from the get-go and save yourself some major headaches.

Patti Mays
That Retired Lady.com
July 6, 2014

Taking a vision of my website from my head and making it a reality was very easy with Dennis Smith’s expertise.

I knew the basics of what I wanted in my website and conveyed that to Dennis. Ultimately, he understood my vision and actually produced a product that exceeded my expectations.

Also, having Dennis host my website and provide monthly maintenance, gives me complete peace of mind.

Liz Amason
Oregon-Idaho Lineup Calendar

Dennis Smith’s book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook” was included with his social media workshop I attended a few weeks back! As you can see by my abundance of post its that it is VERY HELPFUL! He wrote it in a tone as if he were sitting across from you which is nice and makes it very easy to read! It is loaded with options, because in social media often you find a multitude of tools to do the same thing! To top it off 95% of the tools he explains are FREE!! If you have not read this book: go to his page www.facebook.com/socialmediabook and order it!

Emily Erin Santilli
Marketing By Em

“Dennis Smith of Influence Social Marketing knows what to post to get your fans commenting, liking and sharing your post on Facebook. We have seen our “People Talking About This” number increase on our fan page when he post and also an increase in our overall page likes. I have tried to use a few other companies with my social media before I met Dennis and love his professionalism”. –

Cheryl Richard, Publisher
The Urban Liaison Magazine

I had the privilege of attending Dennis Smith’s class on Social Media and how it can benefit your business.

The class was very informative and feel it was well worth the time.  I am somewhat familiar with social media but needed a greater understanding of the technical aspects of connecting all the dots and the importance of doing that.

The time element for the class was perfect and Dennis is a great teacher.  He presents the material in a clear concise and understandable language for beginners as well as people that have some knowledge of the subject matter.  He also throws in his sense of humor and keeps the class in tune with what he is teaching.

I came away from the class with a better understanding of the workings of all the social media aspects.  I have his book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media” and refer to it often and have shared it with several friends and colloquies.

I highly recommend participating in one or all of Dennis’s webinars.  They are full of great information.

Paula Heath, Health Consultant

Dennis is truly an expert in his field! Dennis offers a simplistic approach to gaining more likes through his workshop, 15 Ways to Get More “Like” For Your Facebook Fan Page, providing clear and distinctive ways to make your page standout and get “liked” amongst the crowd. Dennis continues to be a wonderful resource for both Social Media and WordPress.

April Smith
Admin Superwomen

Dennis was professional and helpful. He helped me set up my MailChimp account and transfer a domain name to a website already in use. Dennis also taught a class on social media which I really enjoyed!

Liz Alexander
Most Wanted Realtor with John L. Scott Real Estate

Dennis J. Smith truly understands the dynamics of social media. He is a wealth of information and provides prompt and clear instruction via his book or many social sites and groups he is involved in.

Sue Vest
Account Manager, CMO at Group Travel Specialist

Being a Real Estate Broker for 25 years, I figured I should get on board with the rest of the world when it came to Social Media Networking. That’s where my younger clients are seeking information. I want them to find me when looking for an agent. Dennis J. Smith had been recommended to me for his expertise in this area. When he offered to teach a class on Social Media Networking I jumped at the chance to become informed, however skeptical I could grasp this concept. During this class I was introduced to many opportunities in various social media networking sites, blogging, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn, WordPress, as well as doing your own Webinars and Webpages. Because of his easy way and thorough explanation I left the class feeling inspired and thinking I was capable of doing this! Since that day he has continued being my mentor through his availability to ask questions and his various Webinars on the above topics. Also, his book, “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook”, has proven an easy read and easy to understand. So, this recommendation for Dennis J. Smith was supposed to be “brief” but when someone like Dennis has offered so very much more I just can not say enough. Thank you Dennis!

Carol Cunningham
Real Estate Agent

Dennis did a great job for our company on a Facebook contest we were doing. He set it all up and it went fantastic! Thanks Dennis.

Casey Eells
Summit Auto Glass, Managing Member

I picked up a copy of ‘Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media’ and devoured it. Within the book were so many ideas on how to get the word out about my content writing business, that I couldn’t help but start in that next morning putting them into action. I got immediate responses; Dennis Smith’s ideas really work. The language is also more comprehensive, technologically-speaking than I was expecting.

Combining humor and know-how, Dennis Smith really knows his social media stuff

Amy Larson
Writer / Editor / Ghostwriter / Published Photographer/ Freakishly Creative Type

In a world filled with professional wannabes, what a relief it was to find someone who does what they say they’re going to do, in the time frame they promise, and at an attractive price for my wallet. Don’t even bother debating whether you should hire Dennis Smith — just do it.

Polly Letofsky,

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