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Take my Bestselling Udemy WordPress Marketing course “FREE” by signing up below. But before you do here are some reviews from students who took the course.


John Antaya

The information presented was very informative and of quality. The instructor’s delivery of the information was engaging.


This course is full of great information.

Eiter Otávio Guandalini

Very Good Course

I liked the quantity of resources the author talked about, divided by functions.

Scott Duffy

Dennis Knows WordPress

Dennis knows his stuff when it comes to WordPress. Great course, and if you follow his steps 1 by 1, you’ll have a beautiful and functional site in no time.

Nancy Hendrickson

In Depth Information

Although I haven’t even finished listening to all of the lectures, I had to stop and give this course a 5-star rating. The lectures on using WordPress for webinars and the one on Plugins are so valuable, they, alone, are worth the cost for this course. I can’t recommend it highly enough.