Installing WordPress Using QuickInstall

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GreenHostUSA is one of the most recommended webhost that offers affordable quality WordPress website hosting, they can help any beginner get started. This post will show you how easy it is to install WordPress using the QuickInstall Script.

QuickInstall script is a simple to use application and in-house script of GreenHostUSA webhost and  GreenHostUSA updates it easily whenever a new version of WordPress available.

To install WordPress on GreenHostUSA you need to sign-up and create an account with GreenHostUSA and without any hassle you can easily install WordPress using QuickInstall script installer.

Sign-Up Link for GreenHostUSA

Step1: Log-in into cPanel and click on “QuickInstall“ icon as shown below:


Step2: When you click on “QuickInstall“ (in step 1), it open a new window and you see different software’s on left hand side, click on “WordPress“ as shown below:

install-wordpress-quickinstall + wordpress-tutorial

Step3: When you click on “WordPress“ (in step2), it open a new window(shown below) and you have to click on “Continue“ button.

install-wordpress-quickinstall + wordpress + hostgator

Step4: Now simply fill-up all the details and after it click on “Install Now“ as shown below:

install-wordpress-quickinstall + hostgator + install-wordpress-hostgator

Step5: As soon as you hit “Install Now“ button (in step 4), you see the confirmation message shown below in screen-shot.


Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress using GreenHostUSA QuickInstall Script.

If you have not signed up for GreenHostUSA, then sign-up now and receive 25% discount on any plan from GreenHostUSA. Use code “WordPress” for discount!

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