Make Money Online Show – How Jack Wilson Makes a Living Teaching Health/Fitness

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Make Money Online Show – How Jack Wilson Makes a Living Teaching Health/Fitness


This is a replay of the live broadcast with Udemy Instructors Dennis J. Smith, Jack Wilson, and Matt Bernstein.


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  1. Johnny Ray says:

    I see and hear you

  2. Johnny Ray says:

    I was 215, now 195, and stuck, need to be 180, i think

  3. Welcome! Thanks for joining us today!

  4. Johnny Ray says:

    Jack, you have a great story, have you considered writing your memoirs, it would also help you market

  5. Have a question for Jack, Matt or myself? Forward Slash and the letter q and type your questions then ENTER. Thanks!

  6. Johnny Ray says:

    fb is good if you use strong specific targeting

  7. Johnny Ray says:

    I have a udemy course on how to write your memoirs. is it okay if I post a free coupon to it?

  8. what’s the name of the show again?

  9. echo echo echo my ears

  10. is there an echo now?

  11. It’s the snowman mug echoing 🙂

  12. did the echo come back when i spoke?

  13. i’m not sure, speak again

  14. Forward slash and letter “q” a space and then your question so they get flagged.

  15. Johnny Ray says:

    /instead of writing blog post, why not add video post?

  16. was that you speaking Matt? if so, no echo

  17. thank you guys 🙂

  18. Johnny Ray says:

    1-2 minute videos work great on facebook

  19. Johnny Ray says:

    on some apps, you need a new phone to be able to utilize them, for example periscope requires popsicle to run

  20. Johnny Ray says:

    if you have many social sites, you need a central place to list all of them.

  21. Johnny Ray says:

    matt sound is bad now

  22. it’s overwhelming, youtube, craigslist, instagram, snapchat, twitter, facebook, mailchimp, ahhhhhh

  23. Johnny Ray says:

    have an interview starting, enjoyed it, see everyone later

  24. have fun and thanks for coming!

  25. @Sirjohn_writer Thanks!

  26. todoist iphone? android?

  27. can you keep your content private on flipboard?

  28. you should make a course on tools for your udemy business, provide spreadsheet examples

  29. write a free book to drive traffic

  30. this is a really good podcast. nobody is prepping me for a 800 course

  31. what phone did you get? i’m a droid

  32. @FicStoryWorld Thank you “)

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