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Facebook Tip – Turn off Notifications

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the notifications you receive after you comment on a Facebook post? There are a few ways you can turn off notification and you can also change the settings for the type of notification you want to receive. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make the changes.

Small business gets a social media makeover– CNN Report Video

Is your business social media ready? Are you savvy when it comes to Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest? If you’re not it is possible your business might not be relevant in 2013. Social media is becoming a must for small businesses trying to reach new customers. A wig manufacturer and retailer gets a social media…
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Superman Saves Social Media - Video

Holy Social Media Batman! Social Media Saved The Day–[VIDEO]

Just Saved The Day! Batman and Superman review the finer points of social media while hanging out in their favorite café.   Source: YouTube

Introduction To Pinterest– [VIDEO]

  Wondering what all the fuss is with Pinterest? I put together a pretty basic video on the different areas of the popular social media site. You need an invite to get started but this will show you what to expect. Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments section below.  

Facebook Video Tutorial – Fan Page Tab Removal

Here’s a short Facebook video tutorial on how you can remove a tab from your Facebook Fan Page.  If you remove it on accident it is easy to add the application back to your page.  Anyone who is an admin of a fan page can edit the page going to “Edit Page” in the menu. …
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New Look and Features Coming To Twitter This Fall

If you use Twitter to promote your business get ready for a a change this fall.  Many people like Twitter because its minimalist design and easy of use.  But as the site grows Twitter is looking for was to maintain its lead as a social media powerhouse.  Do you visit the website or just post…
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