WordPress 101 – A Beginner’s Workshop [Module 2]

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WordPress 101 – A Beginner’s Workshop : Module 2

Allison’s Top 10 most favorite WordPress Plugin


10 Must Have WordPress Plugins Of 2012 Every Blogger Should Know About


CategoriesThe general topic the post can be classified in. Generally, bloggers have 7-10 categories for their content. Readers can browse specific categories to see all posts in the category. To add a new category, click the +Add New Category link in this section. You can manage your categories by going to Posts > Categories.
TagsRefers to micro-categories for your blog, similar to including index entries for a page. Posts with similar tags are linked together when a user clicks one of the tags. Tags have to be enabled with the right code in your theme for them to appear in your post. Add new tags to the post by typing the tag into the box and clicking “Add”.

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