10 Free Tools For Udemy Instructors

10 Free Tools For Udemy Instructors


Udemy Marketing: 50+ Places For Marketing Your Udemy Course

10 Free Tools For Udemy Instructors


This online forum is the best way to launch a new course and grow your student enrollments for social proof. If you have already post a free course coupon in the Udemy Studio it might already be listed on Best Black Hat Forum. Register and the search the site first then make sure you read their guidelines for posting free and discounted course coupons to the site. I launched a new course a few weeks prior to posting this and have almost 1,600 students enrolled in the new course. Now I can cross promote my other Udemy courses to these new students. I’ll talk more about cross promoting Udemy courses in a future blog post so make sure you sign up to receive word of my future post.

The Udemy Blog

Udemy has a great blog full of free information for instructors including this article “Guide to Grow Your Traffic”. Blog readers can also get 50% OFF on any Udemy course.



Letting others market your course through affiliate marketing lets you make some extra money from your courses even though you split some of the earnings with someone else. This site is one of many where you can list your course coupon typically for free and also provides a Course Marketing List for Udemy Instructors of all the sites you can post discount coupons or free coupons for your course.

Watch Instructor Hangouts

Watch Hangouts with other Udemy Instructors includes these 2 Hangouts with some of Udemy’s Top Instructors like Alun Hill, Diane Darling, Phil Ebiner, Rob Cubbon, Grant Weherley, Matt Bernstein and myself moderating our discussion. Watch “Learn How To Increase Your Udemy Course Revenue – Hangout With The Expert Instructors” and “Chart Your Udemy Course For 2015 : Hangout With The Expert Instructors” for some great advise from marketing your course, making more revenue and course creation.

Mix for PowerPoint

Office Mix is a free add-on for PowerPoint that lets you get interactive with your PowerPoint presentations and lets instructors embed elements like video. Microsoft Office itself has become quite affordable and you can access Office 365 for less than $10 a month for all the Office apps. I use them on both my Windows laptops, my Chromebook via the Chrome browser and my Android tablet with their new Office apps for Android. It makes it easy to build your course presentation while on the go and create some great looking courses along with building a relationship with your students.

How to Create Your Udemy Course

Watch this free Udemy course on how to create your own Udemy course. Taught by the Udemy Instructor Team and offers lots of useful advice to those just starting on the platform.

Google Docs

If you aren’t a Microsoft Office fan I recommend you use Google Docs for everything from outlining your course to building your slideshow presentation with Google Slides. The apps are free and you can access them from any device including your Android Smartphone.

How to Market Your Udemy Course: Instructors with Audiences

Another free course fro the Udemy Instructor team for new and current Udemy instructors who want to learn more about promoting their course and keeping it fresh over the course of time. I recommend you watch this course “How to Market Your Udemy Course: Instructors with Audiences” several weeks before launching your course to be ready to start off with your own marketing plan.

How to Market Your Udemy Course: Instructors with Audiences

How to Market Your Udemy Course: Instructors with Audiences

Udemy Secrets: How to Create and Sell Courses on Udemy

Learn how to source sites like Amazon, Google Keywords, Udemy and more to find out which topics are popular and will most likely translate into a top selling Udemy course. This is a short course but offers some great information for being free. Enroll today!

Udemy Secrets: Success Comes Before You Create a Course

Udemy Secrets: Success Comes Before You Create a Course

Listen to The Online Learning Podcast with John Colley

My friend and fellow Udemy instructor John Colley is the host of The Online Learning Podcast which I was fortunate to be a guest on. You can check out Episode 93 here or listen to the show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or on his Udemy course “Online Learning Podcast: Interviews with Udemy Instructors. Enroll today!

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