5 Email Marketing Articles You Should Read Today

5 Email Marketing Articles You Should Read Today

5 Email Marketing Articles You Should Read Today

Top 5Email Marketing is not dead despite what you might have heard. Many are finding out that engagement rates from email marketing campaigns trump that of social media marketing. There are lots of great articles that have been written to get the most from email marketing. I have compiled the following list of the 5 best email marketing articles I have found. What’s your favorite email marketing article and why? If you have found some yourself please feel free to post them in the comment below.

1. 5 Great Ways To Collect Email Addresses You Probably Didn’t Know

This article has some great ideas on ways to build your mailing list that you probably never though of. I know there were a few that even I haven’t thought of and now will implement in my marketing.

2. Email Marketing:How to Push Send and Grow Your Business

Provides great information on why you should be using email marketing and tips on growing your mailing list including a free PDF when you sign up for Copyblogger. You shouldn’t be blogging without visiting this website on regular schedule.

3. Email Is Crushing Twitter, Facebook for Selling Stuff Online

This article from Wired magazine contains some great charts on stats to show you why email marketing is crushing Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure that my friend Nathan Barry would agree that email marketing is the way to go. Check out Episode 2 of his new podcast “The Nathan Barry Show” and learn from a pro who has built his list to over 18,000 subscribers strong.

4. Three Tricks One Site Used To Increase Subscribers 150% In One Month

Find out about some great tips and tools to grow your mailing list in just one month. Tip number 3 talks about the use of a dedicated landing page on your website. Learn more about building outstanding landing pages in my new Udemy.com Course “Marketing Your Business With WordPress”.  Learn about landing pages, email marketing and more by clicking here and take the course for just $5 bucks!

5. 3 Unusual Ways to Build Your Email List With Facebook Apps

Lets not forget Facebook because it is still the worlds most popular social media networking site. I have been using and preaching custom Facebook tabs for years now as a way to promote product, display your blog post and capture email address from those on Facebook. Read this article and find out about 3 ways you can use custom apps on your fan page to capture and building your email list.

BONUS: Here’s one more way to build your email marketing list from the folks at Tabsite. The article is about how a large hotel chain used the Tabsite Sweepstakes app to grow their email marketing list by 394 new subscribers in just 14 days.

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Growing Email Lists: How One Hotel Grew Their List with an App

How are you growing your email marketing list? Leave some comments below for other readers.


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