#AskDennis: Question from Instructor Ermin Dedic

#AskDennis: Question from Instructor Ermin Dedic


#AskDennis: Question from Online Instructor Ermin Dedic regarding YouTube.

Here are Ermin’s questions:

Ermin wanted to know how he could grow his followers on YouTube. Here’s some of the suggestions I offered.

  • Create special URL from your website. My YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/djsmithidaho but not everyone can get a special YouTube URL for their channel.
  • I use the WordPress plugin Pretty Link that redirects to my YouTube channel. I created something that was easy for someone to remember.
  • If you are a Udemy instructor make sure to add a link to your channel in the “Bonus Lecture“. You can search Udemy Support for more information on what can be included in your bonus lecture.
  • Add a Subscribe button to your videos. Search YouTube for videos on how you add the button to your own videos.
  • Be Consistent and always be creating new content for your YouTube channel.
  • Free YouTube Marketing Course on Udemy. I put together a list of 5 YouTube marketing courses you can enroll in for free on Udemy. Watch them and learn more about growing your channel.


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