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WordPress Marketing Plugins

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Marketers

I’ve been using WordPress for marketing myself, my courses and my businesses for 7+ years. Before that, I would hard code websites which I had done since the 90’s when living in Seattle. WordPress makes it so easy for anyone to run an online business. However, with so many plugins available, it can be hard…
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Online Learning Courses WordPress Plugin

Free Udemy Course Marketing WordPress Plugin For Udemy Instructors

I’m always looking for new ways to promote my own online courses in places other than Facebook Groups or other social media networks. It’s something that I always stress with other online instructors because a Facebook Group might not always be your ideal target audience. I run a group on Facebook “The Online Course Promotion…
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5 WordPress Plugins for Building Your Online Empire

I’ve been using WordPress for many years now and I bookmark a lot of plugins.. Many of them I use on my own WordPress websites or something similar depending on my needs. WordPress has thousands of plugins (Over 41,000) both free and premium to help you get the most functionality out of your site. Here…
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30 Popular WordPress Plugins – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you are just getting started with WordPress or a seasoned professional it still can be a challenge finding the right plugin. There are over 25,000 plugins available for WordPress and not all of them are kept up-to-date. Here’s a list of 30 popular plugins for WordPress on this infographic I came across on Pinterest.…
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Amazon Releases Send To Kindle Plugin for WordPress

Send To Kindle Plugin for WordPress Amazon’s Send to Kindle Button lets readers save your blogs content to read later on their Kindle, at their convenience. Adding this button to your website opens it up to millions of Kindle customers that want to enjoy your content on their Kindle. Look for the “Send To Kindle”…
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WordPress CBPress Affiliate Internet Marketing Plugin

WordPress CBPress Affiliate Internet Marketing Plugin CBPress is a plugin for WordPress that allows internet marketers the ability to sell affiliate marketing products from on their website. The plugin sells for $27 but one sell on Clickbank would pay for the plugin. The plugin allows you to import Clickbank products and then choose what you want…
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Timely All-In-One Event Calendar – WordPress Plugin Video Series

Timely is an all-in-one event calendar plugin for WordPress. It is currently free and offers a lot of functionality for those looking to add a calendar to their website. In this video I cover information on what the plugin looks like once installed and the back end features available through the WordPress Dashboard. Are there…
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7 Solid Plugins For Creating Custom Forms With WordPress

A forms plugin with an easy-to-use interface can make the creation of custom forms virtually painless. Whereas form creation used to require HTML coding experience, now just about anybody can set up even the most complex, multi-part forms. The forms we’ve selected here are some of the major players that support powerful custom form builders…
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WordPress Move

WordPress › WordPress Move « WordPress Plugins

WordPress Move is a migration assistant for WordPress that is capable of changing the domain name in use and/or migrating your installation to another server either as is or based on your choices. In addition to these, you can use WordPress Move to transfer your database or create backups of your installation. For further information…
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WordPress Plugins 101– [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Plugins add extended functionality to your WordPress blog or website. There are thousands of them available and many are free. Below are some of the more popular plugins when getting started with WordPress or you can visit the Plugin Directory and search accordingly. What are some of your favorites? Leave a comment below and…
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