Amazon Releases Send To Kindle Plugin for WordPress

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Amazon Releases Send To Kindle Plugin for WordPress

Send To Kindle Plugin for WordPress

Send To Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Send to Kindle Button lets readers save your blogs content to read later on their Kindle, at their convenience. Adding this button to your website opens it up to millions of Kindle customers that want to enjoy your content on their Kindle. Look for the “Send To Kindle” button on this website and enjoy the content on your Kindle anytime.

The buttons code can be added to your website by going here or your WordPress website by downloading the plugin for your WordPress site.

Sent To Kindle Plugin

Send to Kindle Button Plugin for WordPress


  • Readers can send posts to multiple Kindles at once.
  • Posts can be saved in the cloud and accessed anytime, everywhere.
  • Configure how the button will look and which page types it will appear on.
  • Use the shortcode [sendtokindle] to place a Send to Kindle button anywhere.
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