DMCA for Udemy: Basic Techniques for Fighting Piracy with Guest Scott Duffy

DMCA for Udemy: Basic Techniques for Fighting Piracy with Guest Scott Duffy

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Sean Kaye, Scott Duffy, and Barb Tomlin



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  1. Scott Duffy says:

    i think its part of a strategy

  2. Scott Duffy says:

    its like, do you want to make a 1.99 kindle ebook?

  3. I heard FAcebook ads are not useful for converting digital products, but Google Adwords can be more successful, I was thinking about buying Adwords ads for funneling people to a free course opt-in mailing list though

  4. Scott Duffy says:

    it can be part of a strategy

  5. I’ve spent money of Facebook ads, doesn’t work to convert on Udemy but I have gotten more people to like my pages, but that’s not a big deal if they are not customers.

  6. no I meant for non udemy courses

  7. as the reasons mentioned such as the udemy landing page not being a great sales page

  8. i think the better idea with FB Ads is using them to send them into your funnel instead of your udemy course

  9. ok u guys scared me when u mentioned that free list is non responsive

  10. i feel the same way

  11. why i mentioned what i did on our meeting last week

  12. warrior forum . haven’t been there for a while

  13. @jeremydeighan maybe change format, write books on GarageBand, etc.?

  14. @jeremydeighan and also promote more, I need to promote more too.

  15. Scott Duffy says:

    i think the next step has to be “where do you go after garageband? what if you outgrow it?”

  16. Scott Duffy says:

    that middle layer between amateur free tools and professional perhaps

  17. i preach this all the time

  18. i felt it with the teespring thing

  19. Scott Duffy says:

    “pro-am” audio and graphic editing tools

  20. no disrespect i love hearing you all talk

  21. trying to get Scott to 1000 as well haha

  22. Canva, Branding, GarageBand

  23. what about how to release albums on iTunes or whatever

  24. how to sell your audio on istock etc. that you create on garageband

  25. i just love teaching and not so much of the work (example, i dont like really doing graphic design anymore but i love teaching about grahpic design. i dont edit music much anymore but i love teaching about editing music in garageband)

  26. thanks for the free tips and consulting Sean, Dennis, and Scott

  27. thanks everyone, you all rock

  28. Scott Duffy says:

    thanks chad and jeremy

  29. Scott Duffy says:

    leave a positive 5 star review with a minimum of 50 words! thanks!

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