Email Marketing Offers Better Engagement Than Facebook

Email Marketing Offers Better Engagement Than Facebook

email stamp retroAre you struggling with engagement on Facebook? Not getting as many likes, comments and shares? Many are finding out that it is getting tougher to get your message across to their fans on Facebook. That’s why I started focusing on email marketing this year and growing my list with MailChimp.

Why MailChimp? I picked MailChimp for my business because I can have up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 messages a month with their Forever Free plan, which is an affordable solution for those just getting started with email marketing. According to a recent survey email is 40 times more effective for marketers than Facebook and Twitter. Now that’s a serious ass kicking when it comes to marketing your business. Studies have also found that the average order is about 17 percent higher than those that come through social media sites such as Facebook.

I’ve put together a special FREE 6-part video series to get you started with your own MailChimp account. Just add your e-mail address below to get started and I will send you a free email marketing tools PDF Report and send your first video in a few days to give you time to read the report.


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