Free Aliexpress Dropshipping Funnel

Free Aliexpress Dropshipping Funnel

With the pandemic still impacting many lives people are finding new ways to make money online.

One of those ways is dropshipping a variety of products typically from companies overseas. Because of that I’ve create a special funnel that will let you realize your dream of making money online selling a variety of products.

It’s a simple funnel that lets you find popular products on the dropshipping site Aliexpress. The funnel is pre-built so you just need to find a product and then make some modifications.

I picked the USB Multi-Port Hub from Baseus whom I believe makes great electronic products. My suggestion is that when you do find a product that you order it so you can see how long it takes to ship and if it’s a quality product. You don’t want to be hit by a lot of returns if the product is crap.

Aliexpress Top Ranking

In this example on Aliexpress we are looking at Top Ranking Bluetooth headphones which will show how many have been sold, where the product ships from, shipping cost, different variations, how many reviews and then what buyers are saying about the product.

Bluetooth Headset

Many items on Aliexpress actually ship from the US cutting down on the time potential customers would recieve their shipment if they were to order the product you are promoting. However keep in mind the cost of that shipping is typically more than if it were to ship from China. However, it can take between 30-60 days for something shipped in China to arrive in the US. But if the product is popular you can always order product, have it on hand and then you can ship product as orders come in.

Aliexpess Ships from USA

If you want to find out what products ship from the US you can do a search for product such as in this example where I searched for “bluetooth headphones”. Then you can select “United States” from the “Ship from” dropdown and you’ll be shown only product that ships from the US.

The Aliexpress Dropshipping Funnel I created lets you sell the product, add upsell products and a downsell offer. Plus connect it to your favorite email marketing app and build a list of customers. I use ConvertKit which has a free plan but you can pretty use any email marketing tool with the funnel. If you want to see how a funnel like this works I recommend you read Dotcom Secrets by funnel marketing expert Russell Brunson. The book is free and you only pay for shipping and handling ($9.95). Read it and you’ll have more success using the funnel when you understand how upselling to create a higher average cart value works to general more revenue.

Below you can download the free funnel template and start your Free 14-Day Trial of ClickFunnels and then get started with generating income online. Remember success is different for everyone so make sure you read Dotcom Secrets first before you launch your funnel.

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