Late Night With You, Me and Udemy! – Inaugural Show With Host Dennis J Smith

Late Night With You, Me and Udemy! – Inaugural Show With Host Dennis J Smith

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith and Jeremy Deighan


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  1. Nick Moy says:

    makes me sleepy

  2. Barb Tomlin says:

    He’s an introvert. Nice guy.

  3. Barb Tomlin says:

    That was the first course I took on Udemy. LOL

  4. it depends on if you want to appeal to human interest too

  5. Scott Duffy says:

    blue facebook ad courses

  6. Scott Duffy says:

    red youtube courses

  7. @nmoy93 You are getting sleepy!

  8. yeah my design ones have people in them, well some of them do

  9. Nick Moy says:

    overbearing… Makes you want to avoid the image

  10. Scott Duffy says:

    its horrible though

  11. Scott Duffy says:

    he makes a killing on udemy though

  12. Nick Moy says:

    @scottjduffy is right though… he is killing it

  13. their bad stock photo example is funny

  14. @BarbTUSA thanks have a good night!

  15. Scott Duffy says:

    or check with canva

  16. Barb Tomlin says:

    Guys, I’m crashing. Great show. Jeremy, you rock! Take care, Dennis. TTFN

  17. Scott Duffy says:

    they made me remove their logo from my courses

  18. @scottjduffy it was within your courses?

  19. Scott Duffy says:

    no my seo for udemy, and google analytics for course images used to have little green u’s in the background

  20. You can do Ctrl-A and copy and paste the comments into a word doc

  21. night thank you for your time

  22. BetterThanUdemyBlackFriday

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