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Social Media Today - On The Air

Social Media Today with Host Dennis J. Smith – Thu, December 6, 2012 01:00 pm

Social Media Today – Week 2   The show was to move to an hour long and I was going to start taking your questions on Social Media and WordPress. Please note that due to technical issues that I wasn’t able to interview April and the show was cut short. I will have April back in a…
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The New Myspace: A first look and impressions

The New Myspace: A first look and impressions  Source: Gadget Helpline A while ago we told you about the new style Myspace that was going to be released at some point in the future and today is that day… welcome to the future. Here at the Gadget Helpline we have a motley crew of creatives including designers, musicians,…
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MySpace back in the Social Media game?

MySpace used to be the king of social networking long before Twitter and Facebook dethroned it from the top.  But MySpace has new leaders and is about to get an update to its look and feel.  Will that be enough to save it from further decline?  Maybe. MySpace profiles just got a makeover and will…
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