Udemy Live Recap – Join Udemy Instructors After The Big Event in San Francisco

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Udemy Live Recap – Join Udemy Instructors After The Big Event in San Francisco

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Dragos Stefanescu, Diego Davila, Jeremy Deighan, Teresa Greenway, and Jack Wilson. Please click to view the courses of the Udemy Instructors featured in this Blab.

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Dennis J. Smith
Udemy Instructor and Author of Udemy Life Book

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128 Responses

  1. Get Teresa in there!

  2. If she wants to of course

  3. I’m off to lunch, cya Diego, Dennis, and Jeremy!

  4. @DaveEspino Subscribed!

  5. @trainerjackw Hey Jack! do you want to come in?

  6. Sure @DiegoDavilaTV !

  7. anyone else? i can bounce too

  8. ok, one sec, I’ll just let Dennis know..

  9. @DiegoDavilaTV That’s fine if you need to jump out.

  10. I’m in a loud starbucks though, but I can mute my mic

  11. I TOTALLY AGREE Teresa

  12. that’s where I’m at. No audience, No Following. Udemy has been great generating income but there’s not much I’ve done in the process to get people there.

  13. You’ve got to find your tribe

  14. I hear that @jeremydeighan

  15. Not the same service at Holiday Inn….

  16. I buttered up the Trust and Safety girl

  17. @jeremydeighan Julie?

  18. The Udemy team was amazing

  19. she said I get a free strike. haha

  20. I need to eat and get to work. Great talking to everyone, you people are amazing! Take Care~

  21. Love you dude! Talk to you soon.

  22. Thanks, Dennis and all!

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