Udemy’s First ConvertKit Course Launches

Udemy’s First ConvertKit Course Launches



I made the switch from email marketing app MailChimp to ConvertKit last November and loved it so much I created Udemy’s first course on ConvertKit. Why? My Udemy Co-Instructor Phil Ebiner and I explain in this fun promo video we shot for the course. I convinced Phil why he should use ConvertKit to grow his business Video School Online.

I started using ConvertKit after building a sizable list with MailChimp’s Forever Free Plan. However I wasn’t seeing much growth with my revenue and my list had grown to the point where I got bumped into MailChimp’s paid plan. I knew that I had to do something different or I’d just be tossing money from my checking account. That’s when I started thinking about switching to ConvertKit since I live near Boise and have met the founder Nathan Barry. I liked what he was doing and followed his success with the books he had written and the amazing revenue he was generating. I would recommend you follow his blog for some useful marketing advice and check out these tools that I use too.

I made the switch and started thinking about how I could teach others about ConvertKit through Udemy. Phil was part of a mastermind group I started but I had known him since starting on Udemy. I had followed his impressive success on Udemy where he’s now earning $10,000 a month from Udemy. However through our conversations I felt that ConvertKit could help him see the same growth I was seeing with my websites and the book launch I was working on.

Here’s a breakdown of my Subscribers captures from today 4/12/2016 and showing the amount joining each day. March 25th was the day I imported 299 subscribers from my social media marketing list on MailChimp. That means I’ve added over 600 new subscribers to my list on ConvertKit in just the last 30 days. In that time I’ve launched a new book, new Udemy Course and my new website Free Courses Daily. Imagine the success you could have with your own list using ConvertKit. Phil and I will show you how by signing up for my list to take the course free. You don’t need ConvertKit to take the course but I recommend it and best of all you can use it for 30-days and ask for your $29 back if you aren’t satisfied. I will even walk you through getting it set up over Skype if you use my affiliate link below and get started now!

ConvertKit Subscribers April 12th 2016

Ready to sign up?

By this point, you understand why I teach and preach ConvertKit. I switched over from using MailChimp because it just works better for me as an online entrepreneur.

Here’s 5 reasons you should consider switching to ConvertKit:

  • Simple Interface
  • Automated Email Sequences
  • Automated Triggers
  • Integrates With Other Platforms Like Gravity Forms
  • Helpful Blog Post So You Get More Out Of ConvertKit

If you think ConvertKit is for you, I’ve got a special offer:

If you sign up through my affiliate link I will give you 30 mins of my time every 3 months for as long as you stay with ConvertKit. You can use that time however you want, either on a Skype call or helping set something up for you in ConvertKit. Now all you have to do is click the link and get started just like I did. I will see you on Skype soon!

If you’re interested, sign up for ConvertKit. You can try it and get a 30-day refund if it doesn’t work out.That’s what Phil and I did but you can see we are both still using it would much success. I think you’ll see that too and continue using ConvertKit to grow your list and revenue.

Try it out! And see if it works for you!

*The link that I shared above is an affiliate link. At no cost to you, I will make a few bucks for recommending you try out ConvertKit. I do this because I use it daily and love ConvertKit. I wouldn’t pitch the product to you if I didn’t. Please, only sign up for ConvertKit if you are ready to invest in your business and start building your sales funnels!


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