Who’s Talking About Dennis Again?

Who’s Talking About Dennis Again?

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I wanted to share the latest testimonial from a client who I now consider a friend. Patti contacted me because she was frustrated with her website. We worked together and came up with a new look and feel for her site and set her up with some tips for better blogging. Follow her site and watch as it grows with more stories of growing up in this area and product reviews for baby boomers. Check out the article about KFC coming to Ontario, OR in 1963. How can I help you put your passion online?

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That Retired Lady

That Retired Lady

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] hired Dennis J. Smith to set up my Word Press website and blog for me. I had been wasting way too  much time trying to understand it and getting nowhere. I did some research and found that Dennis is highly rated and has a great reputation, so I was comfortable with my decision to hire him. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Word Press and many of the themes. In addition, he is experienced and good at explaining social marketing, SEO, landing pages – – just about all aspects of internet marketing.

Right off the bat Dennis was so helpful. He offered terrific ideas and advice in addition to designing and putting up my blog.  His price was reasonable for all that he did and continues to do to help me. Twice he met with me in person to go over the site and answer my questions. He was never in a big rush – always willing to stay for however long it took to get questions answered and issues solved.

I highly recommend Dennis J. Smith and his business, Influence Social Marketing, for anyone who is struggling to create a good professional website or blog. In fact my advice is – don’t struggle with it at all! Hire him right from the get-go and save yourself some major headaches.

Patti Mays
That Retired Lady.com



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