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#AskDennis: Online Instructor Patricia Martin

#AskDennis: Online Instructor Patricia Martin Transcript for my reply to Instructor Patricia Martin: Welcome back for another edition of Ask Dennis and you can find previous episodes at using the hashtag Ask Dennis and today’s question comes from Tricia who is a Udemy instructor and she says thank you for offering this service for answering our course marketing…
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#AskDennis Your Online Course Marketing and Creation Questions

I’m trying something new to help out other online instructors who teach on Udemy and Skillshare. #AskDennis. I have been teaching others on Udemy for 2 years and just recently on Skillshare. Do you have a question for me regarding online marketing? How about course creation or maybe what equipment I use to teach my…
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How to create a video course, market with YouTube, and travel with Gabby Wallace

Catch These Top 5 Viewed Blab Online Marketing Shows

Right now I’m taking a pause from my Blab Online Marketing shows but hope to be at it again soon. In the meantime I thought I’d recap 5 of the top shows watched by viewers like you. I’ve ranked them in order of top views and each one is a personal favorite. But the show…
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Growth Hacking Your Social Networks With Social Media Hack Expert Ali Mirza

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Matt Bernstein, and Ali Mirza. Please click to view the courses of the Udemy Instructors featured in this Blab. Sponsored By:

Free 30-Minute Call

Are you frustrated with Social Media? Email Marketing? WordPress?

Are you needing some help with your social media marketing? Is WordPress giving you problems and you don’t know who to turn to? Set up a free 30-minute call with me and I’ll answer your questions to help solve your issues. I’ve set up a page on my website to show you what days and…
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Udemy WordPress Marketing Course

5 Udemy Courses For Learning WordPress

5 Udemy Courses For Learning WordPress I love WordPress because it has been around for just over 10 years now. That means there are tons of great resources out there to learn WordPress, find support, locate a great theme or to connect with other WordPress enthusiast. I have written post on great podcasts that talk…
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5 Social Media Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

5 Social Media Podcasts You Should Be Listening To I wrote a post a few months ago on 5 WordPress Podcast’s for those who want to learn more about WordPress.  I’m one of those who likes to read, listen and watch videos when it comes to learning. That is why I enjoy listening to the…
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Affordable Website for Self-Published Authors

Are you looking for an affordable way to promote your book and yourself online? WordPress is the easiest and most affordable solution on the planet. When I wrote my first book over 3-years ago I knew that I would need a website and social media presence. I had to considering my book is about promoting…
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100+ WordPress Fan Pages on Facebook

People forget that social networking isn’t just about posting a status update and making comments. You can learn a lot from social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and others by following fan pages or an expert in your field of interest. The same holds true when it comes to WordPress which is used by…
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What Do You Struggle With?

When it comes to our personal life and business there is always something that we struggle with. For me that struggle is procrastination which holds me back from obtaining my life goals. Part of that goal is to be financially independent so I can work at home or while traveling and live anywhere. I wrote…
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