#AskDennis: Online Instructor Patricia Martin

#AskDennis: Online Instructor Patricia Martin


#AskDennis: Online Instructor Patricia Martin

Transcript for my reply to Instructor Patricia Martin:

Welcome back for another edition of Ask Dennis and you can find previous episodes at https://dennisjsmith.com/askdennis using the hashtag Ask Dennis and today’s question comes from Tricia who is a Udemy instructor and she says thank you for offering this service for answering our course marketing questions and her question is “What’s the most effective marketing method to get exposure for her course”, she’s tried coupons she’s tried handing out fliers with a course link on those added some lessons on YouTube etc. But she’s still not making a lot of sells what should her next step be thank you and she goes on to give her website and her course link which i will add in the notes on YouTube because they’re just so long that it’s some difficult sometimes for people to understand when you’re giving them out a URL so Thank You Tricia for the question. I’ll make sure that I give you a shout out excuse me.

So on one of the first things that I would say and I say this probably a lot is a blog definitely want to have a blog where everything that you do comes together including promoting your courses and then also connecting your social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram of course says that it is the “Street basic power guide to SEO”, so it sounds like they should already have some SEO knowledge I use WordPress for websites and use Yoast SEO as a plug-in to help out with the SEO because SEO is not my forte I know enough about it you know to make sure that I have the right keywords and what not but you definitely want to have a blog and promote your courses on your website and start writing about SEO and give out tips and things like that and become the expert in SEO so that those people who are coming to your website for SEO tips see that you have a course on SEO and hopefully more courses, I haven’t looked to see if you have more unique courses but I would imagine that you’re going to release more courses and you just you know you want to become an expert in that area so that your followers see that I’m just like myself with the stuff that I’ve done on you to me I constantly get questions from people through Facebook who have questions such as yours and that’s because I’ve been doing this kind of stuff for a while now I do WordPress and I do SEO and all of that but my interest is in helping others out with marketing so you said that you tried flyers and things like that that’s interesting because I’ve never done something like that but what about maybe teaching a course at a local community college I’ve done that here i’m in the Boise Idaho area.

I’ve gone to community colleges before who have allowed me to use their facilities and I have people come and join me. I haven’t done this in a while and I’ve been wanting to do this again because you kind of want to do this to you know connect with students in real time or or real life or whatever so find some of those community colleges and maybe or find someplace where you can teach a course on SEO and go out to your businesses that are in your local community and let them know that you’re teaching that course and then you can upsell your online course to them so that they can go there for more information and maybe you can you know if SEO is what you do maybe that’s a way that you can find some clients. So I would definitely suggest something like that. Have you thought about writing an e-book a kindle book? It is really easy to write you could write a Kindle book and in front of the book you can put links to your courses i wrote my book Udemy Life and I put links in front of the book because I Amazon will show the first ten percent of the book so that people can decide if they want to buy the book but they can still see those links and possibly click on those and then I have links throughout the book because I interviewed other instructors so maybe you could do something like that to and use that as a way to get people to go to your course.

So those are a few tips there that you might want to try out let me know how those work out and others use any of those tips certainly let me know if you’re looking at this video on YouTube comment below if you have a question contact me through DennisJSmith.com if you have a question yourself or if you see this on Facebook or YouTube please leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions or if you enjoyed the information that i gave you.

So that’s it for this edition of Ask Dennis thank you very much and thanks again Tricia for your question.

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