How-to Assign a Facebook Username URL for your Facebook Fan Page

How-to Assign a Facebook Username URL for your Facebook Fan Page

Does your Facebook Fan Page have a long URL (web address) that is hard to remember? Most don’t know that you can change this and make it easy to share your page with others. All you have to do is go to and find your fan page in the drop-down list.

Facebook WebinarSelect the page that you would like to create the special username URL for. Facebook requires that most pages have 25 likes before you can do this. So you might want to ask close friends and family members to “Like” your page before you so this. Ask them to check “Get Notifications” when they do this so they get notified when you update your page.

Once you’ve selected the fan page from the drop-down list you need to enter your desired username to check if it is available. Facebook will let you know if your choice is available and then you would save your new username.


How-to Assign a Facebook URL Username for your Facebook Fan Page – Video

Now that you have your own special Facebook URL Username you can share it on business cards, brochure and any other marketing material you have for your business.

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page? Leave your new special Username URL in the comments below and let our readers know about your fan page. Thanks for reading!


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