Did I Just Move To Seattle? – Part 3

Did I Just Move To Seattle? – Part 3

Seattle Light Rail

Seattle Light Rail

I’m starting my 3rd month of living in Seattle again and enjoying living here. Yes, I actually like the rain but the weather has been rather nice lately. Though I do miss my friends, family and networking groups back in Idaho. The job search continues and it has taken me awhile to write this installment. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of “Did I Just Move To Seattle?” if you haven’t already.

Did I tell you that I suffer from procrastination and staying focused sometimes? What holds you back from success? I’ve been trying apps on my smartphone like Wunderlist to help me keep my eye on the prize and get things done. I have also installed several goal tracking apps on my tablet so help me meet my goals. What apps do you use?



Well I have talked about how I lived in Seattle once before while in my 20’s for about 10 years before having to move back to Idaho. While in Idaho the last 10 years I struggled with keeping a job but think that I have finally found something that makes me happy. I love social media and WordPress and love sharing my knowledge with others. But if I want to never go back to the corporate world I need to find out how I can turn my passion into a lucrative living. Are you in the same boat? I have been networking so I can meet other like minded people and connect with possible clients. It’s a slow process but I have been meeting some good people and some that only have their best interest in mind. I try to steer clear of those types because I believe you receive more by helping others and putting them first.

I’m still not sure if Seattle is the final place I want to be but I continue to look for employment so that I can continue networking with others. I find that networking helps because I meet people with the same struggles that I have. They too are working to control their own destiny by having their own business. But I have realized that if I want to stay here I have to find a job so I have a stable income. That doesn’t mean that I’ll get stuck in the corporate grind again, it just might take some time to get to where I want to be in life. I was on Facebook the other day and there was a post asking what one word comes to mind when it comes to Entrepreneurs. I commented and the word that I picked was “Persistence” because you should never give up on your dreams. Having a job would give me a stable income, allow me to stay in Seattle and continue to network so I can realize that dream.

If you have the same struggles please feel free to comment below or just say hello.

Update: I moved back to Idaho last fall to take care of my parents home and the family dog who went blind while I was in Seattle. I’m currently working on writing an update to my book, creating new products, consulting and offering training to small business. My latest project is showing others how to grow their business with MailChimp.


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  1. Clay Loges says:

    Dennis, if you have not already attended a networking event by ProLango, I recommend it as a good way to meet new people and discover job opportunities. Their events are monthly, and they are free. http://www.ProLango.com Look for my friend, Dan Santos, he is a regular attendee. With typical attendance of 100-200, you’ll meet plenty of new people sharing job tips and they may be interested in your book and seminars. Give it a try.

  2. Thanks Clay for the comment and advise. It’s on my list to attend one of the ProLango events and I will check out the website today. I went to a Seattle E-Commerce Meetup last night and have been attending the Seattle WordPress Meetup and made a few connections there. I spoke at Green River Community College at Kent Station and got a lot of great comments.


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