Passive Income Show – Udemy Conference Call After Party

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Passive Income Show – Udemy Conference Call After Party

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Espino, Dennis J. Smith, Phil Ebiner, and Matt Bernstein. Please click to view the courses of the Udemy Instructors featured in this Blab.

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236 Responses

  1. @FrankClarkCoach Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Some countries don’t want an educated populace!

  3. YW :-). Great show guys!

  4. David Ault says:

    Excellent show

  5. Barb is great! Very helpful and in lots of blabs.

  6. @mlassoff burn more calories then you eat πŸ™‚

  7. Great show as always guys

  8. @NosajYdnag Thanks, man!

  9. @MiguelHernandez If you want to do a show together talk to me

  10. It’s in our group, Dennis. Are you paying attention to the posts?

  11. My goal to get to teach 50 Udemy courses this year

  12. @mlassoff Going in to NYC for Teachable’s Cinco de Mayo Party

  13. of course. just get in touch at

  14. @mlassoff Nice! Tell Ankur we want to interview im!

  15. @DaveEspino Will do.

  16. @MiguelHernandez If I’m up in Seattle I’m always up for meeting Udemy instructors for coffee.

  17. @MiguelHernandez What is your skype contact

  18. @SocialMediaDJS same if you go to vancouver

  19. @etherealovers grumomedia

  20. I don’t like recording coruses in coffee shops

  21. @MiguelHernandez I will send you friend request on skype

  22. Join Dennis and I every thursday at 1pm et! 10am pt!

  23. @MiguelHernandez just added you accept me as friend

  24. Mike says:

    Thanks guys. it’s worth missing the football for!

  25. I am going to a TEDx Talk tomorrow in NYC featuring Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational. One of my favorite authors and an expert in behavioral economics. Hoping to get him to do an interview with me here on blab.

  26. I like this Blab thing!

  27. Loved this show. Thanks guys!

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