Passive Income Show – Udemy Conference Call After Party

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Passive Income Show – Udemy Conference Call After Party

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Espino, Dennis J. Smith, Phil Ebiner, and Matt Bernstein. Please click to view the courses of the Udemy Instructors featured in this Blab.

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236 Responses

  1. @mlassoff quality of information matter most. I don’t thing this is the best quality audio / visual talk, but 40 people are still engaged after an hour

  2. What’s for lunch today?

  3. Where’s everyone from?

  4. Caldwell, ID here.

  5. Phil Ebiner says:

    Fullerton, CA

  6. Mark Lassoff says:

    @mbernstein924 We struggle. We put a lot of effort in to production, but I see other top instructors shooting in an undershirt with the camera pointed up their nose…

  7. Mark Lassoff says:

    Connecticut Coast

  8. Mike says:

    Portsmouth, England

  9. @mlassoff There are definitely many ways to be successful! If you want to charge a certain price, you need to have a certain quality,

  10. Mark Lassoff says:

    @mbernstein924 I like to think that the quality is part of our appeal…

  11. Mark Lassoff says:

    @mbernstein924 Just wonder if we’re wasting time when others are selling but with less effort put in…

  12. Dave Espino says:

    @SocialMediaDJS Panera!

  13. @mlassoff It’s definitely part of your appeal 🙂

  14. Mark Lassoff says:

    @mbernstein924 That and my sexy self 🙂

  15. @mlassoff How much are you selling your courses for?

  16. Frank Clark says:

    Or a plastic surgeon specializing in noses.

  17. Frank Clark says:

    Depends on your audience and your content. Might work for an ear, nose and throat specialist!

  18. Want to know more about ConvertKit? What the Blab Phil and I did a few weeks ago.

  19. @MiguelHernandez My favorite city besides Seattle. 🙂

  20. Vancouver, Canada

  21. @mlassoff I failed at executing talking head videos, it’s a performance, and I was not good. For me, it was a waste of time focusing on production. good quality audio, and PP slides, and screenshare works best for me!

  22. Mark Lassoff says:

    @mbernstein924 I love nothing more than being on camera.

  23. @mlassoff so you’re definitely not wasting your time doing what you love

  24. Mark Lassoff says:

    New Course idea: On camera performance for online teaching

  25. @mlassoff and following your effort

  26. Mark Lassoff says:

    @mbernstein924 I’m in it for the dough… j/k We want a good educational experience. It’s a bout them– not me

  27. Frank Clark says:

    @mbernstein924 I am not comfortable with talking head monologues, but love the conversational aspect of blab, and have been doing a lot of interview format shows about business and entrepreneurship here.

  28. Frank Clark says:

    @DaveEspino Cool. Thank you Dave. I will take a look at the replay.

  29. Mark Lassoff says:

    @PhilEbiner T/Y

  30. @FrankClarkCoach I think blab / interviews are a great way to create content! Hell I’m just listening and content is being created

  31. Dave Espino says:

    @mbernstein924 Exactly!

  32. Mark Lassoff says:

    @DaveEspino We’re doing more “stand up” lecture and less screencast

  33. Mark Lassoff says:

    Some reviewers are a******s

  34. @mlassoff Don’t hold back. 🙂

  35. Frank Clark says:

    @mbernstein924 Exactly. I have been putting out fantastic content by getting business thought leaders on my shows. People like Chris Brogan, David Allen, Armand Morin, as well as CEO’s, authors and successful entrepreneurs. Makes it fun for me as I really enjoy the conversations, and delivers great value to the audience at the same time.

  36. @FrankClarkCoach But what are you doing with that content you created, Frank? Are you creating courses from it?

  37. Frank Clark says:

    @BarbTUSA Creating a community.

  38. @FrankClarkCoach Wow! I’m following you! Love David Allen!

  39. Mark Lassoff says:

    Some courses don’t deserve the one star they get, honestly!

  40. Mark Lassoff says:

    @SocialMediaDJS I never hold back!

  41. Frank Clark says:

    @mbernstein924 Cool. Here is the link to the replay for the David Allen interview:

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