PinView Gives Facebook Timeline and Wall a Pinterest Like View

PinView Gives Facebook Timeline and Wall a Pinterest Like View


Pinterest is the latest hot social media site and it is creating a lot of buzz. Its growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. PinView is a new app for Facebook that allows its users to have a Pinterest like view of their Timeline, Wall, Friends, Photos and Videos. Install the PinView app for Facebook to browse Facebook like Pinterest by going to

PinView for Facebook

PinView view of Facebook Timeline

Moving PinView in your Favorites Menu

Add to Facebook Favorites

You can add the app to your menu favorites so you can toggle back and forth between regular Facebook or the PinView view of your Facebook. Just click on the pencil icon and select “Add to Favorites”. Then once in your favorites you can click on the pencil icon again and this time select rearrange. Three bars will appear to the right of your menu item.




Facebook Favorites Menu with PinViewHoover over the item then drag and drop according to where you want PinView in your menu. Click “Done” at the bottom of your favorites to lock the menu.




PinView in Favorites Menu

PinView Menu

The default view in PinView is your Timeline or what they refer to as the “Pin View”. Clicking on the icons on the menu will take you to each of the views. Hoover over the buttons and click to move to another view. The next button after the “P” is your wall view and then friends, photos and video. It only takes a few seconds for the view to load on your screen.


Search for a Persons

The last box to the right of the menu buttons allows you to search for a specific person on Facebook. Just type in their name and hit enter to get a view of the results.

Have you installed the app yet? Do you think Facebook should give its users this options? Leave a comment below to start the discussion.


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