Tumble Into The Fast Growing Tumblr

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Tumble Into The Fast Growing Tumblr

What the heck is Tumblr?


Tumbler is a rising star when it comes to social microblogging. The easy to use site allows users to post text, images, video, links and quotes to a short form blog. Nothing difficult here when it comes to setting up your first blog. Share anything!

The numbers for this platform are too significant to ignore.

  • 900% growth in the last 12 months
  • 90 million users compared to only 10 million a year ago
  • Addictive and highly engaged audience with 2% of its audience making up 43% of total visits

The engagement on Tumblr is only second to Facebook at an average of over 141 minutes per month per user. Tumble on down through other statistics below and feel from to check out my Tumblr here: http://socialmediabook.tumblr.com/


Source: See infographic above for sources.

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