Turn Your Love For Social Media into a career – [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Turn Your Love For Social Media into a career – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media Networking

Social Media NetworkingDo you have a love for social media like I do? I first started on Facebook and Twitter back in 2007 but didn’t get serious until about a year later. Now I’m hooked and wrote my first book on social media about 3 years ago and just released the 2014 revised edition.

Have you considered turning all that time you spend on social media into a career? That’s what I’ve been working on so I can help share my knowledge of social media and WordPress with others.

Here are some facts about this ever changing field with the help of an infographic from the University of Florida and see if you can turn that time into money. Have questions? Contact me or tune in for Social Media Talk with Dennis J. Smith on Thursday’s at 1 PM Mountain Time.

Social Media Obsession

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