Tweet Old Post–WordPress Plugin

Tweet Old Post–WordPress Plugin

I came across some really cool social media plugins while I prepped for a past workshop. It is a plugin that automatically tweets out an old WordPress blog post. Tweet Old Post connects to your Twitter account and then randomly sends out tweets linking to your old post. It does this on a schedule you set-up once you install and active the plugin. You can choose to add just the title or title and body. Plus you can add #hashtags and control how new or old the post is that you want tweeted.

If you want to exclude certain post you can do that under the “Exclude Posts” settings. I did this for a few events I had posted that have already past. There is no point in posting those to Twitter since the event dates have already past.


Search the WordPress Plugin Directory for “Tweet Old Post” or go to the plugins page and download the latest version.

Tweet Old Post

What’s your favorite social media plugin? Feel free to list it down below in the comments. Looks like the creator of this plugin has plans to post to Facebook and Google+. So keep an eye out for that and make sure you are always checking for plugin updates.

Dennis Smith is the author of “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media ““ A Beginner’s Handbook“.


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