#Udemy Chat: Udemy Instructor Rob Cubbon!

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

#Udemy Chat: Udemy Instructor Rob Cubbon!

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Rob Cubbon, Suzanne Kiraly, Ileane Smith, Mark Timberlake, Maggie Unzueta, Brynne Tillman, Marc Isaacson, and Gary Leland-PapaPodcast

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86 Responses

  1. It’s not Udemy’s fault.

  2. It’s that the query argument is not formatted properly.

  3. It should be preceded by a & when there are other query arguments.

  4. If they appended &ref=blab it wouldn’t break things.

  5. that is what they append

  6. They are always just blindly appending ?ref=blab

  7. They need to program it so that it detects whether there is already a query argument in the path

  8. It’s really not that hard of a programming change.

  9. it blows up coupons for sure

  10. Yes, because there is already a ?couponCode=somecode

  11. Tim Cooper says:

    The cookie lasts 7 days after a purchase on Udemy

  12. Tim Cooper says:

    so you get the affiliate commision for 7 days

  13. Tim Cooper says:

    On anything course the students purchases for 7 days after using your affiliate link

  14. Ileane’s course rocks!

  15. Tim Cooper says:

    I’m checking out EDLOUD.com at the moment

  16. @TimCooperEdu I’m not to sure about the $99 a month price tag.

  17. Tim Cooper says:

    I’m looking into it, but they appear to do a lot of marketing and provide a lot of other services on top of just hosting a course

  18. Tim Cooper says:

    I’m also looking for a more interactive student experience

  19. Interesting. Online courses was the subject of today’s hangout on 22social.

  20. Tim Cooper says:

    It’s an exploding industry

  21. Tim Cooper says:

    I do course creation services

  22. @TimCooperEdu I create my own courses but may be looking to outsource some of the work soon. Business is picking up.

  23. the replay goes over how to sell and host your courses on your fb page: http://monelico.com/summit

  24. Tim Cooper says:

    @MonicaRamosTV cool 🙂

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