Does the Udemy Price Change Have You Down?

Does the Udemy Price Change Have You Down?

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Does the recent Udemy price change have you and your revenue down? I have heard from many instructors and follow the discussion in the Udemy Studio and Udemy Faculty Lounge. Revenue is down in April after the new price change went into effect and instructors are frustrated. I get it because I am an instructor too and I have had both good months and bad months. That’s why I’m always trying new stuff and always coming up with ways to promote courses. I have success with some ideas and others fail then I move on to something new. But here’s what I know what works and what you should consider. Taking advantage of the resources that are there for you, some free and others that are affordable.

Here’s a few things to help you get through the storm and on your way to success:

Submit Your $10 Course Free! – I started Online Course Coupons for you back in 2014. It’s always been free for you to list your course on the site. Traffic to the site continues to grow. The site had over 4,000 visitors in March and that number continues to increase. I work hard at promoting courses utilizing my social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to bring even more exposure to courses. I just approved a bunch of new $10 listings today if you want to see what other Udemy instructors are offering. Start Here to add your own course. I recommend $10 courses because that’s what I promote the most but the discount is up to you!

Watch Past Blabs and learn from others – I host a popular show on Blab with Matt Bernstein who’s earned thousands on Udemy. Matt and I bring guest on the show who are successful in their area of expertise so they can share valuable information. Like Gabby Wallace (TED Talk) with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Are you using YouTube to promote your Udemy courses? If not you are missing out on opportunities to bring in new students and more revenue. I suggest you take the time to watch “How to create a video course, market with YouTube, and travel with Gabby Wallace” this week and use her advice to grow your YouTube channel. I am committed to adding a new videos each week on my own YouTube channel.

Get More Exposure! – Do you want even more exposure for your course without the added expense? My motto is “It takes money to make money” which in turn helps getting you out in front of others. But it doesn’t have to drain your checking account. I’ve been there! That’s why I use tools like Fiverr and look for gigs that work. I even offer one myself for exposure on the homepage of Online Course Coupons. Many instructors have found success and made their money back or even a little more. It doesn’t work for everyone but it’s a small investment and I am even willing to give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied. That hasn’t happened so far so and there’s almost 70 positive reviews! Here are some “Udemy” related Gigs I have bookmarked.

Udemy Life – I love Udemy so much that I wrote my 2nd book about my experience and the experiences of several successful instructors and some new. There’s a lot of great information about Udemy course marketing in the book and even a survey I did last year. Download a copy on Amazon Kindle for just .99 Cents. It’s worth way more than that but I want to make sure everyone has access to the information. Don’t wait though because the price increases on May 1st. I have to pay for my move to Seattle later this spring. 🙂

Let me know if this helps or if you have some tips I can share with others. If you want to be on the show with Matt and I we’d love to hear from you. Be well and thanks for allowing me into your inbox!

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