Promote Your Digital Product and Fatten Your Wallet With ClickBank

Promote Your Digital Product and Fatten Your Wallet With ClickBank

Looking for a way to promote your product or promote the product of others?  Want to make money while you’re at it?  With ClickBank you can promote your own products or promote the products of others and make money.  ClickBank is based in Boise, Idaho and started back in 1998.  There are thousands of digital product vendors on ClickBank and over 110,000 active affiliate marketers.

You only need to create an account to get started and can either sell your own product or promote someone else’s product and get paid.

Sell Digital Products Online

“I earned about $250,000 during my senior year in college and within a year of graduation had crossed the million dollar mark.”

Russell Brunson, Idaho, USA

Do you have an e-Book you’ve written?  How about computer software or a how-to guide?  With ClickBank you can promote your product without a lot of overhead.  The company will process orders for you via a secured and fraud proof system.  You choose the price you want to sell your product for and pay them a one-time activation fee.  All you have to do is create a landing page(web page) promoting your product and create some banner ads for affiliates.  Affiliates are other people who are willing to promote your product for you by placing a hop link or banner ad on their website.  Affiliates get a cut of your profits in the form of a commission when you make a sell.

You can find lots of helpful information on selling basics here:
ClickBank Selling Basics

Promote Products in the ClickBank Marketplace

“For anyone wanting to get started in affiliate marketing, ClickBank is the place to go. There are thousands of products to choose from and commission can be as high as 75%; you just won’t find that anywhere else.”

Byron Walker, Colorado, USA

If you don’t have product to sell but have a blog or a website you can still make money with ClickBank.  Affiliate Marketing has been around for years and a great way to supplement your income.  Once you have a ClickBank account you can promote any product in the ClickBank Marketplace.  There’s thousands of products to choose from and something for everyone.  Just find the product you like and generate a hop link to add to your blog or website.  The hop link is coded so ClickBank knows who to pay commission if product is sold.  Now you can share product with your Facebook friends using SocialPromote.  Just click the “Like” button and ClickBank will create a hop and add it to your Facebook Stream.  Make sure you are always signed in to your account when generating links or sharing out to Facebook.  You can search the marketplace for products that will complement your blog or website.

If you have a WordPress blog there are ClickBank plug-ins available that let you add ClickBank product to your blog with ease.


Ready to get your feet wet with affiliate marketing or selling your own digital product?  Head over to the ClickBank website and get your account ad get started today.  Already using ClickBank?  Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with others.

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  2. […] they are located in Boise, ID.  Read my previous post on how to fatten your wallet by selling digital products on Clickbank.  Aaron has a photography business and was kind enough to take photos of those attending the […]

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