Are You Business Savvy When It Comes To Using Social Media?– [KMVT Interview]

Are You Business Savvy When It Comes To Using Social Media?– [KMVT Interview]

I was interviewed last fall by Twin Falls News Station KMVT. Here’s the article from their website.

By Brittany Cooper

Story Created: Oct 1, 2011 at 11:42 PM MDT

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Many businesses are trying to break into the world of social media.

Dennis Smith, author of “Promote your Business or Cause Using Social Media”, says keeping your page updated is key.


Also, remember to respond to posts or comments left by customers.

His book gives businesses ideas on setting up social media accounts and other useful tips.

He says while some major corporations are great with social networking, not everyone is using the service to the fullest.

Dennis Smith, author of “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media” says, “I think smaller businesses in Idaho and smaller towns could do a better job. My thought is if you’re not using social media right now, about five years from now some of those businesses will probably have trouble staying in business without having some sort of connection to social media.”

Smith participated in the Canyon Rim Bookfest on Saturday, featuring more than 20 Idaho authors.


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