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#AskDennis: Online Instructor Patricia Martin

#AskDennis: Online Instructor Patricia Martin Transcript for my reply to Instructor Patricia Martin: Welcome back for another edition of Ask Dennis and you can find previous episodes at using the hashtag Ask Dennis and today’s question comes from Tricia who is a Udemy instructor and she says thank you for offering this service for answering our course marketing…
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Get “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook FREE on PDF

FREE Best Selling Social Media Book on PDF I’m giving away copies of my hugely popular book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook” FREE on PDF through the month of August. I have new projects coming up this summer and I want to get my book into the hands…
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How Do You Like To Learn?

I wrote my first book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social – A Beginner’s Handbook” over 3 years ago and released the 2013 edition earlier this year. In that time I have sold over 800 copies on Kindle and Paperback and over 9,000 have downloaded the Kindle version during various freebie promotions. The royalties…
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Google+ Makes Changes

Recently Google made some changes to their social networking site Google+ which included a new look to the stream by adding more columns. Lots of good features have been added since the sites launch in 2011 including my favorite Hangouts Live. I recently talked about some of those changes in my talk show Social Media…
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Free Kindle Download Day on January 4th – Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media

Are you looking for the perfect book to learn social media? Signup and be notified of free download day coming up on January 4th, 2013. Download the Kindle version free. Visit the link below and signup for my free monthly social media and WordPress newsletter. You receive the Pinterest Chapter on PDF to read today!   Sign-up Here  

3rd Edition of Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media–A Beginner’s Handbook

The latest edition of my popular book is out and available for sell on paperback at and CreateSpace or on Amazon Kindle. I wrote this update for several months between time in Seattle and then moving back to Boise. There is a new chapter on the hugely popular Pinterest, updated information to cover the…
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Idaho Social Media Consultant and Author Dennis J. Smith to be guest on Social Media Yak

Just about everyone knows how to use social media sites like Facebook to some extent, but those using it best know that good social media use is really about being relevant, fresh and on top of the changing social media landscape. Dennis J. Smith, public speaker, consultant and author of “Promote Your Businesses or Cause…
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Are You Business Savvy When It Comes To Using Social Media?– [KMVT Interview]

I was interviewed last fall by Twin Falls News Station KMVT. Here’s the article from their website. By Brittany Cooper Story Created: Oct 1, 2011 at 11:42 PM MDT TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Many businesses are trying to break into the world of social media. Dennis Smith, author of “Promote your Business or Cause Using…
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Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media - A Beginner's Handbook

Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media–A Beginner’s Handbook

Download the Amazon Kindle version of “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook”. Just $3.49! Do you have a Kindle? Amazon Prime Members can download it free now! Please share this with your friends and feel free to leave a review on Amazon if you like the book. Sign-up for…
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Idaho Author Awards 2011

Book Signing in Caldwell, ID –The Rubaiyat

Winner of Top 50 Idaho Author 2011 Award at Idaho Book Extravaganza 2011. Join me, Dennis J. Smith, in Caldwell, Idaho for my first hometown book signing. The Rubaiyat is a local bookstore and just moved into their new downtown Caldwell location. Stop by and say hello and get your own personal signed copy of…
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