Making Passive Income With eBay – A Talk With Udemy Instructor Sergey Kasimov

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Making Passive Income With eBay – A Talk With Udemy Instructor Sergey Kasimov

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Barb Tomlin, and Sergey Kasimov


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  1. Barb Tomlin says:

    I found that route too labor intensive for too little return overall

  2. @BarbTUSA Sell Udemy courses.

  3. Barb Tomlin says:

    @SocialMediaDJS How are eBay course sales going these days?

  4. @BarbTUSA I’ll have Sergey answer at the end of the Blab.

  5. Mira Bai says:

    @etherealovers Is UDEMY online courses?

  6. @mirabaikz Yes, Udemy is online courses. I’m an instructor and Sergey is too.

  7. Mira Bai says:

    Interesting. I am hearing it first time

  8. Barb Tomlin says:

    @mirabaikz This is a list of courses taught by Sergey

  9. Mira Bai says:

    @BarbTUSA Thank you

  10. Barb Tomlin says:

    @mirabaikz You’re welcome. Are you thinking about teaching on Udemy? I see you know several languages.

  11. Mira Bai says:

    I saw it first time 🙂

  12. Barb Tomlin says:

    I did that for a couple years. Too much work; too stressful.

  13. Mira Bai says:

    @BarbTUSA Did you mean working on Udemy?

  14. Barb Tomlin says:

    @mirabaikz Udemy teachers are independent contractors.

  15. Mira Bai says:

    @etherealovers Sergey , where do you live? Your English is very well

  16. @mirabaikz NY State.

  17. Mira Bai says:

    I have learning English for 2 and half years

  18. Mira Bai says:

    @BarbTUSA Thank you

  19. Barb Tomlin says:

    @mirabaikz Wonderful!

  20. Barb Tomlin says:

    @mirabaikz Blab can be an excellent forum for you to practice speaking English.

  21. Mira Bai says:

    Sergey, I saw your courses and they are so different

  22. yeah I got many of them

  23. Mira Bai says:

    @BarbTUSA You right. I do.

  24. Mira Bai says:

    I like blab so much and when I have that I am here

  25. Barb Tomlin says:

    @mirabaikz Are you living in Russia?

  26. Don’t forget to follow for future shows:

  27. Mira Bai says:

    @SocialMediaDJS thanks

  28. Mira Bai says:

    No. I am living in Kazakhstan

  29. Thanks for joining @azamakram !

  30. Mike Lamothe says:

    @etherealovers you have a ton of courses!!!

  31. Barb Tomlin says:

    Welcome @azamakram !

  32. Mira Bai says:

    Is every courses your own?

  33. I teach 28 courses on udemy and got 20,000 students

  34. if you got to go to discount section it also got free stuff as well

  35. Mike Lamothe says:

    I am working on my 1st UDEMY course right now

  36. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the replay if you want to watch from the beginning.

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