Making Passive Income With eBay – A Talk With Udemy Instructor Sergey Kasimov

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Making Passive Income With eBay – A Talk With Udemy Instructor Sergey Kasimov

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Barb Tomlin, and Sergey Kasimov


92 Responses

  1. Diego Davila says:

    hey D! we can see you

  2. Scott Duffy says:

    Almost ready to launch

  3. Diego Davila says:

    nice image, are you using the logitech cam?

  4. Diego Davila says:

    I remember that image

  5. completed or created

  6. Barb Tomlin says:

    Hang on a sec. I am getting ready

  7. created or watched

  8. I am confused did she create 100 courses or watched 100

  9. we all know who will win already

  10. Udemy teachers are they bloggers or real teachers ?

  11. Scott Duffy says:

    Udemy teachers are real people who want to teach what they know

  12. I am a real teacher NYS certified not sure about others

  13. is it mentionned when you buy a course ?

  14. some people mention it in the history section

  15. Scott Duffy says:

    it rarely matters

  16. Scott Duffy says:

    the types of courses people buy (say, business topics) what matters is how good the instructors is and the information itself… not what diploma hangs on the wall

  17. it matters when you want to get a real teaching job not on udemy

  18. as in working in public school

  19. Scott Duffy says:

    yeah, and it makes a good story

  20. Scott Duffy says:

    like percival used to be a teacher, and they use that when marketing him in fortune and forbes

  21. i would be interested in social media marketing,

  22. Scott Duffy says:

    some courses have some engagement, but they need to improve it

  23. u locked the screen

  24. Scott Duffy says:

    American Sign Language?

  25. Scott Duffy says:

    How’s Udemy going this month Dennis? Anything new?

  26. Scott Duffy says:

    feels like $15 is nothing special

  27. Scott Duffy says:

    But the $10 price might be more rate in 2016

  28. Barb Tomlin says:

    I went out in case it was me.

  29. you sound is off Dennis

  30. Barb Tomlin says:

    warehouse sales, going out of business sales?

  31. Barb Tomlin says:

    @olympiaseo Hi Clint!

  32. Barb Tomlin says:

    @mirabaikz Welcome!

  33. Mira Bai says:

    @etherealovers are you Russian?

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