Being Social with Social Media On The Go or In The Air

Being Social with Social Media On The Go or In The Air

The beauty of running your own business is that you are no longer tied down to the desk.  With social media, a mobile hone and a laptop or even a new tablet PC you can promote your business while on the go.  It doesn’t matter where you are at anymore to connect with the world and market your business.

I’m at Brewforia Beer Market right now which is a business in Meridian, ID that sells over 500 different beers.  Brewforia uses social media to connect with their customers by showcasing new product, what’s on tap and new food products.  The relaxing environment and free Wi-Fi makes it possible for someone like myself to enjoy a beer, enjoy a craft bread (pizza) and write a blog post or market my business endeavors.  Where do you enjoy hanging out when promoting your business?

It’s pretty common to find Wi-Fi in every city around the US and Europe.  Plus services such as Clear, Rover and Sprint offer 4G in 50 plus cities across the US.  That means you could be sitting on a park bench and connected to the internet at super fast broadband speeds.  Think about how relaxing that Gogo Inflight Internetwould be enjoying the warm fall sun while conducting business over the internet.  I’ve even been connect to the internet while flying 36,000 ft. above the earth heading to Florida. GoGo Inflight Internet connects you to Wi-Fi while on board your cross country flight.  Pricing starts around $4.95 per flight segment depending distance travelled.  Visit their website for more information on pricing and how the service works.

I’ve given you a few ways you you can promote your business while on the go or even in the air.  Suggestions?  Ideas?  Feel free to comment below and start the discussion.


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