Expose your WordPress blog postings with a little Facebook “Like”

Expose your WordPress blog postings with a little Facebook “Like”

Now you can get some “Like” on Facebook for your WordPress blog post with a simple plugin.  You don’t have to know anything about programming code like HTML.  While in your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins on the left-hand menu.  Click the “Add New” button and type in “Facebook Like Button Plugin for WordPress” (current version is 0.4a).  There’s also WP FB Like which is easy to setup with a few clicks of the options.  Pick whatever one you feel comfortable with but don’t delay on adding this must have plugin.

FB Like Plugin

The screenshot above shows you some of the options for one of the FB Like Button plugins.  I recommend displaying the button before and after an article for maximum benefit.  When a reader “Recommends” or “Likes” your posting a link is posted to their Facebook profile.  This is an excellent way to drive traffic from your friends Facebook page to your blog.

Do you have a favorite plugin you’d like to recommend to other readers?  What do you “Like”?  Feel free to comment below and click “Recommend” to recommend this article to your Facebook friends.


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  1. Clmoore says:

    I can’t believe how easy this is to get more traffic on our site. Thanks Dennis for the simple instructions and for keeping YOUR followers in the loop.

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