Effective Udemy Marketing For Newbie Udemy Instructors

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Effective Udemy Marketing For Newbie Udemy Instructors

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Drew, Max Stryker, and Andre Kasberger

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81 Responses

  1. @peakeleven definitely!

  2. @peakeleven whats the potential topic?

  3. great info. Thanks to everyone.

  4. Online Marketing Fundamentals and success Principles, The first four steps towards online marketing success, online marketing: seven obstacles that keep you from success

  5. ok well make more courses if you can, but make good courses that people will want to buy

  6. i’m open for co instructors

  7. oo Dennis I thought about a Udemy mastermind

  8. the underwater basketweaving course won’t sell even in black friday

  9. @scottjduffy haha, that’s the plan. But I don’t measure data first when choosing subject. Passion always comes first for me, then search data.

  10. @jeremydeighan added you on Skype

  11. max needs more hands!

  12. Thank you everyone, looking forward to the next one! =)

  13. Drew says:

    @scottjduffy What about “Using Blab and Periscope To Promote Your Underwater Basketweaving!”

  14. Drew says:

    @scottjduffy Oh nice…you better trademark that!

  15. @scottjduffy I actually can not say, since I plan to make several before mid November. 😉

  16. blabiscope your basketweaving

  17. I’m on the Udemy FB Group (Several), if anyone want to reach out to me. Mikael Baggström is my name, same avatar picture everywhere so you’ll remember me. =)

  18. Can I add you on twitter right from this chat somehow btw? =)

  19. Its cold and wet here. You are welcome to join my in Scotland

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