Have your blog speak to your readers with Odiogo

Have your blog speak to your readers with Odiogo

If you are looking for a new way to promote your business or cause you might consider a WordPress blog.  It is a great way to get high search engine results when tied to your organizations website.  Many of the plug-ins offered for WordPress are designed to share your blog with with others on Facebook, Twitter, other social media sites and are easy to add.

Give your text content voice

Odiogo is one of those plug-ins that makes your blog stand out from others.  It gives your readers the ability to listen to your articles by the push of a “listen now” button.  If your followers don’t have time to read your current post they can take it with them on the go.  Odiogo turns your blog into a portable podcast.

You install plugins by going to the Dashboard for your WordPress Blog and selecting “Plugins” from the menu on the left.  That will bring you to the screen below when you can search from hundreds of available plug-ins.  You can pick from Featured, Popular, Newest and Recently Updated.  If you know the name of the plug-in just type it into the search box.  Type in “odiogo” to install the Odiogo plug-in on your blog.

Install Plugins

Once you have the Odiogo plug-in installed you will need to register your blogs RSS feed.  You only need to submit your email address and the address of your RSS feed.  It is free to register and this how Odiogo monitors your blogs for any new post.  Your new blog post is then turned into an MP3 file that also your readers to listen to your post.  It can take a few minutes for the process to complete.  Readers just click the “Listen Now” button and the player automatically launches.  It also gives them the choice to load a podcast onto their iPod/iPhone or an MP3 for any MP3 player.  Try it out today by clicking the “Listen Now” button on the top of this article.  I think you’ll be impressed at the quality of translation.  Let me know what you think!

Odiogo Player

If you know of any other WordPress plug-ins that are unique or help make a blog standout from others, please let me know.

Get the podcast for this blog here!  


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