Track Social Media With POSTLING

Track Social Media With POSTLING

Like many out there you might be finding it tough to manage your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs and various other social media networks.  I’ve had the same problem myself and have finally found a solution that I like.  Postling was created to simply the process of managing your social media networks.  I no longer have to check each one of my Facebook Fan Pages for comments.  Postling lets me know when someone comments on one of my several post.  That way I stay on top of interacting with my followers and build engaging relationships.

Publish From One Location

With Postling you can post right to your Facebook Fan Pages, WordPress Blogs, Blogger accounts, Twitter, Linked in and more.  There is no need to go to each one of those locations to post something new or update your status.  Do it all from Postling and save time!  You can also schedule the date and time you would like your post published at.  I know from experience what a great time saver this is when managing your social media networks.


The Postling Dashboard gives you easy access to all your social media networks.  Update your status, respond to comments, track keywords and more.

Try Postling

There is a free version of Postling with full features you can can try for 14-days.  The premium version lets you monitor social media sites like Twitter for keywords.  This can be beneficial for those looking to target a certain type of customer.  It can also be set-up to look for chatter about your business in case you receive negative feedback or even kudos.


You don’t have to login to all your social media sites because Postling will e-mail you a recap of comments, reviews and keyword tracking results.  Just click on reply in the e-mail and respond back to any comments right away.  What a great time saver and an easy way to stay on top of the game.

Head on over to and get your free account today or upgrade to premium and enjoy all the benefits.  Do you use something different to manage your social media?  Feel free to leave a comment below and thanks for reading!

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