Windows Live Writer makes blogging a breeze

Windows Live Writer makes blogging a breeze

Are you thinking about starting your own blog but scared off by technology?  It might not be as hard as you think when it comes to starting a blog.  If you know Microsoft Office you’re already halfway there.  If you don’t its still easy when you have tools that simplify the process.  Windows Live Writer from Microsoft is one of those must have tools for bloggers.

Blog almost anywhereWindows Live Writer lets you manage your blog regardless of where its hosted or the format you are using.  I use it to update all my WordPress blogs and an older blog I have on Blogger.  But it can be used with LiveJournal, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint and others.  Plug-ins are available that give Live Writer even more functionality.  Visit the Live Gallery to find out what’s available and to install plug-ins you find beneficial.

The toolbar across the top of Windows Live Writer lets you control aspects of the font, text alignment, adding images, tables and inserting other items into your post.  You can also cut, paste and undo changes if you aren’t satisfied.  The side bar to the right duplicates editing tools such as current drafts, recently posted articles and inserts into your article.  It’s really easy to get around the application to create the perfect blog post.

Windows Live Writer

The edit mode tab allows you to create your article much like you would create a Word document(add images, hyperlinks, tables and more).  Preview mode loads the theme of your blog and gives you a sneak preview of what your readers will see.  It might not display a perfect rendition since it depends on the theme you use.  The bottom area of the application lets you assign categories, tags, the author, future publish date and more.

Those who have a little more knowledge of HTML can click on the Source tab and use HTML code to customize a post before going live.  Here’s a great resource for those interested in learning more about HTML.

If you have a blog have you used Windows Live Writer?  Another blogging tool? 

Give it and try and see what you think and share some of the articles you’ve written with Windows Live Writer.  Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Download Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer Plugin Gallery

By Dennis J. Smith


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