Find Your Perfect WordPress Dream Theme

Find Your Perfect WordPress Dream Theme

imageThe feature I like the most about WordPress is its ability to let you change the look and feel of your site.  It can be done on the fly without any web development background.  You can accomplish this by finding the perfect themes and plugins to suit your needs.  WordPress has thousands of self-installs which means there are hundreds of options for free themes and a huge array of themes for sell.

I always suggest to my clients that they find a theme that matches the subject matter of their WordPress blog.  Here’s an example of a friends blog Tandem Revolution, which covers her and her husbands biking adventures.  I like the use of the image across the top showing the spokes of a bike.  It is a simple yet effective use of a theme that matches the topic of her blog.

Free themes tend to have some limitations and affiliate links.  Whereas paid for themes give you more flexibility with customization.  I suggest starting out with something free if you are on a limited budget.  But if it is in your budget I would take your time and find something that fits your needs.  If your traffic grows you can change your theme at anytime.  The theme I use for this site was free and fits in well with the look and feel of my book.

Here are five sites to locate your perfect WordPress dream theme.

#1| ThemeForest

Themes for any budget and any industry

ThemeForest has a wide variety of WordPress themes for the average blogger and those looking to sell product using WordPress.  Themes are affordably priced for those on a budget or those looking for something unique.  I have included a screenshot of the e-commerce theme WpShop below to show the power of WordPress.  It is not just for blogging and can be used to sell a myriad of product, list homes and rentals, promote a restaurant or business.

Theme Forest on Facebook



#2 | Elegant Themes

Offers lots of themes at a great price

Elegant Themes has lots of great themes to pick from and at only $39 a year gives you access to 61 designs.  Plus ET says they release 2-3 new themes each month so you are sure to find something.  You also get 30-days to decide if it is worth it with their money-back guarantee.  I like how they target themes towards specific industries such as restaurants, retail and a host of other themes to match your needs.  Since I love food I included the MyCuisine theme as the screenshot below.


#3 | Woo Themes

Lots of free themes and a wide variety for any industry

Woo Themes is another big player when it comes to WordPress themes.  Woo offers any array of themes that are build for SEO and functionality.  I have heard through the grapevine that Woo offers great support from tutorials, video tutorials and user support forum.  The thing that I like most about the Woo Themes is you can sort themes on their website to find the perfect match.  How about at least a dozen free themes to boot?  There is bound to be something for everyone with Woo Themes.

Woo Themes on Facebook



#4 | StudioPress

WordPress themes built on the Genesis Framework

These themes are built with search engine optimization in mind.  Wondering what the Genesis Framework is?  Here’s more information on that and why you should go with StudioPress.  I have to admit that these are some of the best WordPress themes I have seen.  The layouts are nice, clean, modern and eye-catching designs that stand out.  Plus you can get all themes for one great price and you get future themes at no extra charge.


#5 | Legend Themes

New player in the theme market offering clean designs

Legend Themes is located right here in Boise and has just a few themes to pick from along with the free Emphasis Theme.  The Snapshot theme is perfect for those who enjoy the art of photography.  All themes have a nice clean look to them and offer various customization.  The price on this theme and others are $70 which includes technical support.


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Article by Dennis J. Smith ““ Promote Your Business Or Cause Using Social Media ““ A Beginners Handbook


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  1. This is a good review. Thanks for putting it together. Another you may want to check out is I’ve had great success with their Builder. That is an awesome theme that is totally customizable.

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