Month: February 2012

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Marketers Guide to Pinterest

Marketer’s Guide To Pinterest–[INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking for ways to make Pinterest work for your business? Several major companies are already on-board with Pinterest. Many are discovering the benefits of this hot social media darling. The site hit 11.7 million unique visits in January of 2012 and users are spending several minutes a day pinning and re-pinning to their boards. Do…
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22 Ways–Creating Compelling Blog Content

Are you at a loss when it comes to posting new content? I know that sometimes I draw a blank and need some inspiration. Number twenty-two on the list talks about recycling old content and making it fresh again. I hope this list gives you the inspiration to write something great. If you have some…
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Pinteresting Demographics–[INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you left Facebook and become part of the Pinterest craze? If you are you have about 1.36 million other pinners keeping you company each day. Here are some pinteresting facts about the popular pinning social media site. Leave some comments and let others know how you are using Pinterest or follow new pinners. Follow…
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Introduction To Pinterest– [VIDEO]

  Wondering what all the fuss is with Pinterest? I put together a pretty basic video on the different areas of the popular social media site. You need an invite to get started but this will show you what to expect. Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments section below.  

Write “Sharp” statuses: 8 Status Ideas that will Improve your Facebook EdgeRank – [INFOGRAPHIC]

I have some news you probably won’t like. Being boring on Facebook won’t get you many likes. It’s true! In order to get the “Likes” and be seen by others you have to produce exciting content and status updates that create interaction amongst your friends or those who have “Liked” your fan page. Not sure…
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Social Media On SoundCloud

I posted my first soundtrack on SoundCloud today and will start posting daily. I’ll be talking about Social Media, WordPress, Books and interesting things that happen during my day. It is very windy here in Southern Idaho today so I thought I’d try this format. Here’s today track. SoundCloud allows you to comment on specific…
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Twitter 2012–Freshest Statistics on the King of Microblogging Services [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you on Twitter? There are 11 new Twitter accounts are created every second. The United States boast the most users and Lady Gaga has over 19 million followers. Those are some amazing numbers and will only continue to grow. The infographic below provides some more interest stats on Twitter 2012. Sources: See the infographic…
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The Social Media Salary Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know what U.S. cities offer the most Social Media jobs? What are some of the top job titles? A Social Media Specialist in Denver, CO makes an average of 33k-51k a year. That same position pays up to 77k in the Motor City or as low as 32k in Austin,Texas. The infographic below…
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How The WordPress Theme Renders Pages – [INFOGRAPHIC]

I love it when I find great information I can share with my readers. Have you ever wondered how your WordPress blog works? The cheat sheet infographic below shows how all the elements come together to create great looking blogs and websites. Source: Yoast

WordPress Plugins 101– [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Plugins add extended functionality to your WordPress blog or website. There are thousands of them available and many are free. Below are some of the more popular plugins when getting started with WordPress or you can visit the Plugin Directory and search accordingly. What are some of your favorites? Leave a comment below and…
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