Month: September 2012

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Social Media for Self Published Authors

Are you using social media networking to sell and promote your self-published book? How are you promoting your self-published book? Here’s a You-Tube video of a webinar I did to show self-published authors how to use social media. It covers all the different platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WordPress and more. Keep in mind that…
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Facebook adds new Onsite Notification setting to fan pages

Facebook adds new Onsite Notification setting to fan page Admin Panel. Go to your fan page > Admin Panel > Manage Notifications (under the Edit Page drop-down menu). Checking the Onsite Notifications box will give you instant notification when someone posts, likes, comments or sends you a message via your Page. It is the same…
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Tools To Create Beautiful Facebook Fan Pages – Webinar

Tools To Create Beautiful Facebook Fan Pages – Webinar Wednesday Dec. 19th Noon Mountain Time Get Rid Of Your Boring Fan Page Forever! Are you tired of having a boring fan page? Wondered how others have beautiful fan pages? Wanting to sell your products or services on Facebook? Wanting to create a form to capture information?…
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