Month: January 2012

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

WordPress How-To Video Tutorial : Installing WordPress

Have you thought about starting your own self-hosted blog or a website for your small business? Surprisingly it is simple and more affordable then you think, so lets get started. In this WordPress video tutorial I’ll show you the process after you have your domain name and hosting set up. Visit to search for…
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Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media - A Beginner's Handbook

Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media–A Beginner’s Handbook

Download the Amazon Kindle version of “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook”. Just $3.49! Do you have a Kindle? Amazon Prime Members can download it free now! Please share this with your friends and feel free to leave a review on Amazon if you like the book. Sign-up for…
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Where did Facebook Notes go?

Many have probably wondered where certain features of Facebook have gone after the recent Timeline conversion. Most are still there but take just a little more difficult to locate. One of those features is Facebook Notes and something I’ve used before myself. It is not really needed anymore because you can post 63,206 characters of less on…
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Tweet Old Post–WordPress Plugin

I came across some really cool social media plugins while I prepped for a past workshop. It is a plugin that automatically tweets out an old WordPress blog post. Tweet Old Post connects to your Twitter account and then randomly sends out tweets linking to your old post. It does this on a schedule you…
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