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March 2012 Social Media Articles

Don’t miss out on some great articles on Social Media, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress and more!   See what you missed out on in February 2012: [posts-list month=”2″ year=”2012″]

Are you wondering WTF is Pinterest?–[INFOGRAPHIC]

Pinterest continues its zoom up the charts of most visited US websites. This highly addictive site continues you add new users. Do you think it will continue to move up the chart below? Are you addicted? If you are wondering WTF is Pinterest read on with this helpful infographic below. Courtesy of: Online Schools

Marketers Guide to Pinterest

Marketer’s Guide To Pinterest–[INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking for ways to make Pinterest work for your business? Several major companies are already on-board with Pinterest. Many are discovering the benefits of this hot social media darling. The site hit 11.7 million unique visits in January of 2012 and users are spending several minutes a day pinning and re-pinning to their boards. Do…
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Pinteresting Demographics–[INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you left Facebook and become part of the Pinterest craze? If you are you have about 1.36 million other pinners keeping you company each day. Here are some pinteresting facts about the popular pinning social media site. Leave some comments and let others know how you are using Pinterest or follow new pinners. Follow…
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Introduction To Pinterest– [VIDEO]

  Wondering what all the fuss is with Pinterest? I put together a pretty basic video on the different areas of the popular social media site. You need an invite to get started but this will show you what to expect. Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments section below.  

Pinterest Is Hot – [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Did you know that the hottest new social media sensation has only 16 employees? Yet they are one of the fastest growing websites. Look at the amazing statistics in the infographic below. Do you think Pinterest will be long lasting?, a visual marketing firm, studied Pinterest’s amazing rise and produced the infographic below.

Pinterest Changing Social Networking?–Infographic

Is Pinterest sending traffic to your website? Check out some interesting statistics on the infographic below. Feel free to comment on how you use Pinterest. See my list of Pinterest Articles for more information on this fast growing social network.

Interested in Pinterest?

Are you in love with Pinterest? Wondering what the heck it is? My Pinterest Articles and Information Board on Pinterest will help you get the answer to your questions and help you get started. There is a collection I have pinned featuring great articles on how-to get start, marketing with Pinterest and WordPress plugins for…
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Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Are you caught up in the Pinterest craze? Check out this awesome plugin for WordPress and add the Pinterest Pinboard to your WordPress site. It uses the thumbnails from Pinterest and updates as you “Pin” new items on the popular social media site. Settings of the widget under: Appearance > Widgets This is the Pinterest…
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