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How The WordPress Theme Renders Pages – [INFOGRAPHIC]

I love it when I find great information I can share with my readers. Have you ever wondered how your WordPress blog works? The cheat sheet infographic below shows how all the elements come together to create great looking blogs and websites. Source: Yoast

WordPress Plugins 101– [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Plugins add extended functionality to your WordPress blog or website. There are thousands of them available and many are free. Below are some of the more popular plugins when getting started with WordPress or you can visit the Plugin Directory and search accordingly. What are some of your favorites? Leave a comment below and…
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Pinterest Is Hot – [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Did you know that the hottest new social media sensation has only 16 employees? Yet they are one of the fastest growing websites. Look at the amazing statistics in the infographic below. Do you think Pinterest will be long lasting? Lemon.ly, a visual marketing firm, studied Pinterest’s amazing rise and produced the infographic below.

Pinterest Changing Social Networking?–Infographic

Is Pinterest sending traffic to your website? Check out some interesting statistics on the infographic below. Feel free to comment on how you use Pinterest. See my list of Pinterest Articles for more information on this fast growing social network.