Jewelry Designer Jessica Barst: Teaching Your Craft Online Growing Followers

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

Jewelry Designer Jessica Barst: Teaching Your Craft Online Growing Followers

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Matt Bernstein, and Jessica Barst. Please click to view the courses of the Udemy Instructors featured in this Blab.

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62 Responses

  1. See you iin just a few!

  2. Can anyone hear me?

  3. Megs Minutes says:

    Yes – I can hear you great.

  4. Megs Minutes says:

    And the video is clear too.

  5. Phil Ebiner says:

    Hello @JessicaBarst and @SocialMediaDJS!

  6. Megs Minutes says:

    Good seo/watch point. Keep them engaged with your channel.

  7. Megs Minutes says:

    Video has opened up lots of crafts to people who wouldn’t get it otherwise.

  8. @MegsMinutes True.

  9. Thanks Phil! 🙂

  10. Dr. Kory says:

    #DreamsComeTrueUniversity Please contact me if you like a #FrequencyEvalInterview in my BLAB shows✍.

  11. Phil Ebiner says:

    That’s a great tip

  12. Megs Minutes says:

    @PhilEbiner Yeah – I hadn’t thought of that b4.

  13. Megs Minutes says:

    So if they don’t finish the video – but they subscribe, it should help soften the Google seo.

  14. Megs Minutes says:

    Do you have ads on your videos at the beginning?

  15. Megs Minutes says:

    They could save the playlist for later. Good idea.

  16. Andy Morris says:

    2 minute intermission

  17. Megs Minutes says:

    It’s intermission time.

  18. Megs Minutes says:

    Excellent advice. Like a developer log. You’ll be glad to have it.

  19. mrWONDERFUL says:

    is it via keywords?

  20. Megs Minutes says:

    Most of my first boards were food and drink too.

  21. Megs Minutes says:

    That is a good strategy.

  22. Megs Minutes says:

    @JessicaBarst Cool. Thanks. 🙂

  23. Megs Minutes says:

    So Pinterest and YT are more evergreen. #good2know

  24. @MegsMinutes Agreed.

  25. Megs Minutes says:

    FB and TW can be more personal or network oriented.

  26. Megs Minutes says:

    G+ is good for long term evergreen. Just learned that! Lol.

  27. @wslaise Thanks 🙂 We appreciate you watching.

  28. @SocialMediaDJS welcome

  29. Megs Minutes says:

    Do you know their web address?

  30. mrWONDERFUL says:

    Great stuff!!!!

  31. Megs Minutes says:

    Gotta love a game walkthrough!

  32. mrWONDERFUL says:

    @SocialMediaDJS cool!

  33. @eboy Take a look at top search results for like videos and look at their keywords and add those in your description or title.

  34. Andy Morris says:

    thank you @JessicaBarst

  35. Megs Minutes says:

    Pretty cool Thank you @JessicaBarst

  36. Megs Minutes says:

    Do you get their email address?

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